Through the spirit of me.

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how i see it, not only with physical, but also mental and spiritual vision.

Jan. 16, 11

01:48 AM

There is nothing that I can say because I was wrong this time

Open that door; I’ll follow you into that space
Where nothing is regretted then forgotten
Where is that grace that carries me out? So strange it’s mine
It’s closed and locked but If you open that door,
it won’t be yesterday when, before the days of collapsing,
And I’ll stand through all these lines just to make it back to you
Can you help me every step of the way? We can bury that battle and bury the cause
There is nothing that I can say because I was wrong this time
Everyone knows cause they see the glare in our eyes
Careful now, don’t drown yourself in sorrow
I was the one that built that cross and weighed you down and now I’ll carry on till it’s over…
and it’s over

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Jul. 03, 10

05:50 AM


do i give up? does it hurt because it’ll be worth it in the end? will we share our dreams together? its so clear that its my fault because its written all over her face. for the first time i realize it more than i ever have. maybe because this is the most important thing i have ever felt in my life. do i let it slip by and hope for fate? when I’m hopeless then where do I turn? this is the one thing that felt completely right and here i am feeling selfish about it and destroying it more. 


Jun. 27, 10

04:21 PM


i believe that i will never understand why graduation is/was such a big deal. one day its over. too many people use it as an excuse for over extravagant purchases of external goods, fortunately i don’t want those things. i don’t want a good job, i read a few books and wrote a few words, there are so many people living on the street, so many people in different countries that deserve that, congratulate them, they made it through another day, through another real struggle. why not think about that instead.

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Jun. 25, 10

12:52 PM

in the shower.

in the shower.

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01:29 AM


i believe i should in invest in a nice camera. i see too many thing’s that are beautiful daily and words can’t express them. i believe that is why photography is even considered an art, you share what cannot be spoken. i feel i have to share what i see.

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Jun. 23, 10

04:35 PM

why would you even want to forget this?

why would you even want to forget this?

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